Flash Speedmop

Dirty floors? Stand up to daily dirt with Flash Speedmop

Say goodbye to stains and hand scrubbing by instead sweeping through life’s little messes with the new Flash Speedmop. Its nifty design with Speedmop Wet Cloths not only works hard to clean your floor, but also makes life easier by removing stains in a Flash.

The dirt-fighting wet cloths and scrubbing strip on the mop work hard to remove tough, stuck-on grime, so you don’t have to.

Flash to the rescue

Life gets messy. Luckily for you, Flash is here to do the dirty work so you can get rid of all the dirt, grease and grime all around the house.

Speedmop in action

What others say

A simple good value for money every day mop, that is easy to assemble and simple to use, it comes with wipes included which smell like lemon and the scent is long lasting and the head swivels ensuring you reach all those difficult areas.