Flash Powermop

Dirt and stains on your hard floors? Just spray, wipe and go!

Power through, absorb, and lock away heavy-duty dirt with a spray and a wipe with new Flash Powermop. The Powermop stands up to tough stains like a superstar in the kitchen with its handy design. This battery-powered mop dispenses our Powermop Solution from the dual spray nozzle to make cleaning easier. The Absorbing Pads absorb dirt grime and lock it away deep in their core.

Flash to the rescue

Life gets messy. Luckily for you, Flash is here to do the dirty work so you can get rid of all the dirt, grease and grime all around the house.

Powermop in action

What others say

No words! Having a 2 year old, a dog and a cat this mop does the job every single time. I tend to wipe the floors over at least twice a day and it does the job to perfection every time,. Leaving the house smelling clean and fresh. Where has this thing been a my. Life!!