How to Clean Floors – Wood, Laminate, and Tile

Not all floors are created equal. Different surfaces don’t just have their own personality, but they sometimes need different cleaning techniques to get best results. So stand up to daily dirt with a few cleaning tips for the most common types of floors.

How to clean wood floors

Wood floors look snazzy, but they do need a little care. Some floors are sealed with varnish, polyurethane, or lacquer, however the good news is you can clean all wood floors easily without worry with a little help from Flash. 

  1. Sweep Before You Mop. Clearing the way of any excess dust and hair will make for smooth sailing (or mopping, in this case). Just get the broom out and give your floor a sweep.


  2. Go with the grain. Then use Flash Powermop to break up and dissolve any remaining tough messes.  Simply spray and wipe, and you’ll give your floors a powerful clean while making sure it doesn’t damage them. Be sure to wipe with the grain—it’s one more way to ensure the longevity of your hardwood floors.

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How to clean laminate floors

Laminate floors might look like wood most of the time, but the good news is they’re much lower maintenance than wood. However, they can be scratched more easily and can absorb more water and get lumpy if you use too much, so here are our tips to wash and care for laminate floors.

  1. Damaging floors is a drag. Lift any heavy furniture instead of dragging or pulling it to avoid scratching and abrasions.

  2. Scratch the dirt, not the surface. Steel wool, scouring powders, and other abrasives can scratch your laminate floors. Flash Powermop’s absorbing pads and built-in solution both ensure a great clean without damaging your floors.

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How to clean tile floors and grout

Tiles looks snazzy and are pretty easy to clean, but sometimes dirt can build up on the grout between the tiles, so follow our tips to keep your tile floors flashy and clean.

  1. Don’t wait up! Clean spills up as quickly as possible so your grout won’t stain.

  2. Don’t crack under pressure. Take care when moving heavy objects across a ceramic tile floor to avoid cracking.

  3. Swipe across the surface. Avoid any steel wool, scouring powders, or other abrasives that can scratch the finish of your ceramic tile. Grab the Flash Speedmop for a quick clean, which will keep your tiles stain-free and your floors safe.

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Whether you have messy kids, muddy paw prints, or dinner parties that get out of hand, Flash is here to the rescue for various floor types.