What’s inside a bottle of Flash?

We’ve been designing products for your household for over sixty years. We strive to make sure our products are always the best for what your household and family needs. Want to know what’s inside the magic we pack in to every bottle?

Soap & Water

The basics of clean and the foundation of every formula. We have designed a balanced dilution that can even clean up the impossible, using biodegradable and plant-based soap. The natural fatty acids of the soap help the clean and control the suds.


Surfactants work miracles in our Flash cleaning formulas. Using a blend of natural and synthetic ingredients that we have created, our cleaning formulas generate a foam which lifts and removes dirt from surfaces.


Bicarbonate makes sure that our cleaning formulas work at full potential. As well as providing outstanding cleaning action bicarbonate helps to give you shiny surfaces without any residues.


Our thickener ensures the formulas have an optimal consistency to make cleaning efficient and effective. Consistency is especially important in our sprays, which you use for cleaning vertical surfaces, like shower doors and tiled walls. Our thickener is natural, biodegradable and plant-based.


At Flash, we think that a surface is not clean until it smells clean. That’s why we like to add the scent of clean to our formulas. Partly essential oils, partly synthetic ingredients.


Preservatives are a common ingredient in most cleaning products. We only use biodegradable preservatives where necessary to protect our formulas from going to waste by spoiling.

Water softener

An important ingredient for areas with hard water (like the south and east of England), it softens the water so all the other ingredients can be fully effective.


Solvents help make miracles happen, they soften the dirt, boosting the Flash cleaning process. They don’t leave anything behind, except for a brilliant shine on your surface.


A touch of colour never hurts. Colourants are used to give our formulas a pleasant colour.

If you’re still curious to learn more about the magic that goes into Flash, you can learn all about Flash and our story. Also, see how we’re doing our bit about the environment by reading all about Flash and our commitment to sustainability.