Meet the new Flash Speedmop and Powermop

Speedy, easy cleaning with Speedmop

Have you ever found yourself irritated by how quickly your hard floors get dirty? Flash Speedmop makes it easy to keep on top of daily dirt. Instead of wiping, spraying or scrubbing on your hands and knees, Speedmop quickly and effectively traps and locks dust and dirt. Attach a Speedmop Wet Cloth to the Speedmop and go! Speedmop swooshes and glides across the floor, even getting into those hard-to-reach places – like under the kitchen table.

Powered deep cleaning with Powermop

If you have children or pets you know how quickly dirt builds up on your hard floors. Flash Powermop makes giving your hard floor surfaces a deep clean quick and easy. It gives a brilliantly clean floor 2x faster than using a mop and bucket. That’s all thanks to Powermop’s powered spraying nozzles, Cleaning Solution and Absorbing Pads that mean dirt is absorbed and locked away.